Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday’s Fantasy

 “Tell me your secret wish, your secret fantasy.” Sometimes going outside the norm and into a fantasy might be just what a couple needs to spice things up a bit. Some couples find acting out a story brings them closer together.

Some romantic fantasy tips:

*Share a story with your partner.  “Do you ever have a fantasy, sweet guy?” He will either say, “Are you kidding”?  Or “sure,” and that’s your cue.

*Think of two fantasies, one totally wild and the other quite mild.

*Share your fantasies.   “I’m thinking of a fantasy that involves being tied up in silk.”

*Touch his skin, and say, “Tell me your fantasy now.”  But, when you do this, be sure you are unbuttoning his shirt and slipping your hand inside to touch his bare skin.

*Whisper, kiss, and tell:  “Let me read you a few fantasies and tell me what you think.  But first you won’t mind if I snuggle against you passionately, will you?”   Sometimes, and don’t be shocked, it is moments such as these that your guy will tell you about a little fun fetish. And maybe he wanted something from you but you brushed him away. Here is how to help you both find pleasure in fantasy and fetish


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