Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday 13 - Date Night Ideas

 Fall is a busy time of the year, especially if you have kids. Unfortunately couples have to schedule time together. I asked the gal in my coffee club what they like to do with their honey when they have a Date Night. Here's some of their ideas. 

1. Go to a movie. The movie theater is a great opportunity to relax, hold hands, and unwind.

2. Go out to eat, sit and talk. Catch up with each other without any interruptions.

3. Have a picnic at a lake or in a park under the moonlight. Bring along an extra blanket to add a little romance.

4. Go for a walk in a different neighborhood.  My honey & I used to enjoy walking in a ritzy area of town and pick out our dream homes and cars.

5. Go to the mall, grab a cup of coffee and window shop.

6. Holding hands while walking in the park.

7. Visit a coffee shop you've never been to.

8. Attend a poetry reading or a special event at a local bookstore.

9. Cuddle in the back of a truck on a back road under a starry sky.

10. Laying by the fireplace with romantic music and candlelight.

11. Go out dancing.

12. Have a candlelight dinner, and dance in your own living room. 

13. Sit on the porch sipping wine, sharing a snack and talking.


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