Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Mojo - Counting Calories? Read this.

I weighed myself the other day and am now determined to loose a little weight and tighten up my fluff. I figured by walking every day and counting my calories will lead me back to my sexy curves. I joined an online group, During a chat with friends we wondered if we could count sex as part of our exercise regimen.
Well.... here's some facts I found.

You burn 26 calories in a one minute kiss. MWHA!
A teaspoon of semen contains approximately 5 calories.
I guess I better skip the whipped cream and chocolate sauce.
Sex burns off an average of about 100 calories per session.

The key for high-calorie-burning sex is making it hot and making it last, say experts. You can also add a little moaning and sighing, says Kinzbach, which can help you burn an extra 18 to 30 calories. And try a position change for a better workout. “If you are on top, try moving your hips like a belly dancer; this feels great and will give you a workout,” she adds. “Also try a position where you squat on top of him and then bounce up and down. This is a great workout for your thighs and butt, and it can burn up to 207 calories in 30 minutes.” Perhaps the best way to maximize calorie-burning during sex is to make sure you orgasm. Experts estimate that women who orgasm during sex burn more calories during lovemaking than those who don’t.

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