Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day poem from son to dad

Dear Daddy,
When you found out
I was coming
You were shocked, surprised
And a bit queasy in the tummy.

When you found out
I had a little problem
You were worried and concerned
And wanted to solve ‘em.

When you were there
and I arrived
You were happy and scared
Did you cry?

When you were there
And held me for the first time
You were warm and kind
I saw your eyes shine.

When you held my hand
I gripped you tight
To remind you of my existence
And ask you to be my light.

When you held my hand
Standing by my side
As I took my first steps
You prodded me with gentleness and pride.

Now as I reach out to you
When no one else can see
I look into your heart
Searching for patience for me.

Now as I reach out to you
Declaring our bond
I love you unconditionally!
From your youngest son.

writen Father's Day 2006

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