Friday, February 4, 2011


One of Erick McAlister's best buds is Trevor Dillinger from the band Dark Cloud. There was a time when Erick's voice filled in for the voiceless bass player.

They stood next to each other behind their own microphones. Erick closed his eyes while Trevor nodded to start the music. The music consisted of soft dreamy sounds from keyboards, drums and controlled guitars that had been recorded earlier. Erick’s hands held the headphones he wore as he let out a scream that broke the beauty and tranquility of the music. As the anguished cry softened, Trevor’s voice came through close to a whisper.

“I gave you my heart; you gave it back to me in pieces.”

“Broken, like the man I am,” Erick added with his raspy voice.

“Sitting in silent darkness, afraid to trust, ashamed to love.”

“Broken, like the man I am.” Erick’s eyes never opened.

“Sitting in silent darkness, waiting for you to return to fix.”

“The broken man I am,” the pair sang together.

The music increased in volume and hard-driving instruments. Trevor’s face contorted with anger as his powerful voice gained strength.

“Don’t look back as you walk from me, you won’t like what you see, not the beast but only me.”

“A man dying and weak,” the pair sang.

“Our little arrangement became something true, you know it did, you felt it too. My insides tearing, ripping in two.”

“How could you? How could you?” Erick’s emotion came through his voice.

“You are something I can never have; you are all I ever see, sitting in my
silent darkness, please come back to me.”

“Sitting in silent darkness, please, please come back to me!” They turned
and yelled into the same microphone. Anguish showed on their faces.
Erick’s head dropped as Trevor’s voice softened to the near whisper

“Sitting in my silent darkness, trying to disappear, chained by memories, waiting, wanting, needing you here.”

“Waiting in silent darkness, please, please come back to me!” Pain reflected in Erick’s words as he sang them alone before being joined by Trevor. “Waiting, waiting, waiting! Come back to me!”

The music faded and Erick let out another scream like the one that began the song. His face was full of anger and pain. She felt it. The room felt as if it was closing in, but she refused to let the others know she was affected.

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marybelle said...

WOW!! The angst was palpable.