Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Humpday Help - Sex Advice from Erick McAlister

Yep... that's a photo of me and the love of my life, Lynn. Hmmm... just looking at that pic makes me hard all over again. I might have to make this post short.

Hello everyone! Mary was so kind to let me do today's post. After all, I wasn't voted London's Most Dangerous Bachelor for nothing. I'm really not dangerous... except for in the bedroom. Well.... maybe not just in the bedroom....Any who! I've taken numerous women to hell and to heaven.

For guys:
My best advice for you is if you don't ever, ever spend the night unless you want more from the relationship. Always be honest with her and yourself.

Location is important. Up against the wall in an elevator can be exciting, but only if she's willing. Candles, wine and music is usually a sure bed. Just make sure you really know what she's "into" for maximum fun.

Now women like to be touched, it's the most erotic of the senses. Pay close attention to her reaction to your touch; she'll let you know with her breath and soft sounds if she prefers it gentle or rough. Touch her with everything and anything... fingers, feathers, food, silk, leather, tongue, whatever! Hold her, take control of her body so she can't pull away. Push her past her comfort level all the while prolonging the passion.

Keep her relaxed with a sensual massage all over her body and search for that mysterious g-spot. Kiss her longer and keep touching. Make frequent eye contact and whisper in her ear letting your breath caress her cheek.

Utilize all your senses and hers. I guarantee it would be a night you both would never forget.

For ladies:
If you want to show your man how much you love him, the best thing you can do is bed him well and often. Sex should be on a regular basis, but not a scheduled one. Spontaneity is just as important sexually speaking as it is in regards to romance. One way to give him some unplanned loving might be surprising him by being naked or dressed in something sexy when he least expects it. Another might be to jump on him the minute he walks in the door from work. Wake your man up before the alarm clock for some early morning loving, or call him to bed in the middle of the day. You get the idea.

Encourage your man's masculine inclinations. Sometimes, men just want to have their wildest, freakiest dreams come true. In the heat of the moment, whisper in his ear that if he wants to grab a hold of your hair or give you a little spank, he is welcome to do so (only if he truly is, of course).

Tell your man what you like. Do it for your own sexual satisfaction, but also to please him. Men truly want to please their ladies. It makes them feel good about being a man. They get great satisfaction out of making their women happy all of the time.

Be his candy, ladies, and you'll have the best sex of your life!

Hey, Mary is giving away two special items this month.
A signed copy of Tormented Soul (I'm the sexy hero of course) and a gift from my favorite store, Lover's Lane.

All you have to do is leave a comment on any post until midnight the 14th, the holiday for love... Valentine's Day.

Names will be placed into a drawing and the winner will be picked and announced on February 15.

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