Friday, December 12, 2008

Cleaning Day - Get Ready for Unexpected Company

Tis the season for friends to drop in. No need to call in the pro's and don't feel that you have to clean your house on a daily basis. Here's a few simply tips to "fool" people.

Invest in the following items: Foaming bathroom cleaner, scented (lavender or lemon) floor cleaner (check your local dollar store), scented (lemon or orange) wood cleaner such as Pledge.

In the bathroom closest to where guest would be, daily spray the foaming bathroom cleaner into the sink and toilet. Wipe the sink dry and wipe the edge of the toilet bowl. Do not flush... let the remaining foam remain.

Using the scented Pledge dust the tables in the room where guest would be. Once a week is fine... but if you know of some coming and you want that just cleaned smell... Pledge the largest table in the room.

Pour a little scented cleaner with warm water in a spray bottle. With a soft damp cloth wipe TV screen, lamps and door knobs. Scented Windex can do the trick too, and this is a job you can give to a child!

A good scented candle such as from Yankee Candle Company is an added plus to any room to created a welcoming fragrance.

This little routine should not take more than 20 minutes. Don't dally... just make it smell clean!

Happy Holidays!

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