Wednesday, October 14, 2020

#Thursday13 - Last Boat Ride

 Our last boat ride down the Saginaw River made for a lovely time. Flyboy and I grew up in Saginaw and the river holds many memories. When we dated, mornings were spent waterskiing before work. Then we  witnessed the exciting revival of the waterfront district. Time spent on the river and dallying out on the Bay is time well spent.

I selected thirteen photos I took before we tucked our boat away for winter. 

Flyboy, Flyboy Jr, Youngest, and Me

Some areas are still flooded from when the dams in Midland broke.

Seeing the bridges raise for a sailboat was always
a highlight when we were kids.

A tall ship at dock near an outdoor event center and waterfront apartments.
We could see lots of people and hear music.

I didn't realized the river still had a light house.

Flyboy and his first mate.

This was Youngest's first time seeing the Saginaw Bay.

Two river boats at dock.
They are normally on the river with dinner & dancing cruises,
but haven't seen any work due to Covid.

The cutest tugboat!!!

Flyboy Jr took the helm for a bit then let Youngest drive.
What a treat to let Mom & Dad sit & enjoy the ride!

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Hazel said...

The lighthouse photo reminds me of a scene from one of those Hallmark Mysteries. Love it! Lovely shots for T13.

LA Paylor said...

good pictures together they create a mood... nice! I like the portrait of your youngest in profile... would be nice framed, remember frames? lol

CountryDew said...

Nice shots! Good looking family, too. Is that Saginaw, Michigan? I remember a song about that.

colleen said...

So refreshing! Ships ahoy!

Unknown said...

You sound beautiful

Mary Quast said...

Thank you all. Yes, it's Saginaw, Michigan. It's pretty cool you remember that song. Saginaw has been mentioned a few times in songs and was a favorite stop to perform by many artists. The river has seen a positive rejuvenation in the last 25 years and is a pleasure to explore from the Shiawassee flats out to the Saginaw Bay.