Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Leading Ladies & Fellas

When I was a teenager way back around 1980, my mom belonged to the Harlequin Readers Service and she would receive a box of romance books every month.  She would pour over those books with a hunger only another book lover would understand. Sometimes I'd sneak a book and hide in the basement to discover the adventures that lie within the pages.

Mom’s favorites depicted historical with brawny manly men such as cowboys and damsels in distress or rich educated hunks such as doctors with an established woman in search of a man accepting of her liberation.

As I grew as a reader then became a writer, I came to appreciate the variety of characters behind well written romance stories. Personally, I don’t care for the wimpy gal who can’t tie her shoe without help. However, a gal does have the right to be doted on by a loving man…as long as she tends to her own footwear, unless he’s taking off said footwear to give her peds some undivided attention.  After all, who doesn’t love a good foot massage?

Anyways…..back to my original trail of thought.

Creating characters is actually pretty fun. (That is until they take over a writer’s mind and keep thus writer up all night until a scene or story is finished.) Let’s take the overly confident guy who helps a meek gal find her inner sensuality and eventually turns the table on him. He becomes empty and she is the only one who can fill him. This is much like my characters in Crow Magic.

Let me tease you with a couple characters…. 
how about a dominating hot cop and a submissive lawyer? Sounds hot! In Handcuffs & Silk, the rough, tough female cop learns a bit about herself when she has a one night stand with a hot male big-city lawyer who’s a bit submissive and passive. 

I’m a sucker for a good romance story with well built characters. 
(Not referring to muscular build…well maybe. Duh!) Nonetheless, 
I believe heroes can have weakness and leading ladies can be strong. They are certainly fun to create!

What kinds of characters in leading roles do you prefer?

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