Tuesday, October 2, 2018

#TastyTemptaions Tuesday - Chocolate & Wine!

I love chocolate (the darker, the better).
I love cherries and I love wine.

 On a whim, I bought a bottle of Cocobon Wine. I liked the description on the lable.
Experience Cocobon, a harmonious blend that tantalizes the senses and transports you along a spell-binding journey to Nirvana. Become immersed in deep crimson tones that deliver decadent aroma and flavor, from dark cherry to rich vanilla, mocha and cocoa.
Oh the lable wasn't kidding!  This beverage is an orgasm for the tounge.
When inhaling the arroma, the scent was sharp but sublte with only the faintest hint of berries.  The smell carries dark raspberries with vanilla and the flavor is even better. At first you taste a rich full flavor of red fruits. The soft, mild tannins were completely overpowered by the luscious flavors of rich vanilla and dark chocolate. This powerful combination then melted into a blueberry finish with just a hint of bite to help the flavor linger on in the mouth. Even after you swallow, the flavors continue to dance on the back of your tongue.
I highly recomend to enjoy this drink slowly for the wonderful experience! 
Perhaps the wine is so appealing because it was created by a lady winemaker Georgetta Dane.
It takes a woman to know what a woman really wants in a wine!
She continues her journey at Cocobon, where she harnesses the power of all her senses and creates a Zen-like balance at the intersection of art, science, and soul.

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