Sunday, July 1, 2018

Beauty Tips from Stella Green

Many people are switching to organic or natural foods to improve health. There is also a rise in the use of botanicals in medicine and beauty. Aromatherapy is being to become more and more popular.

Conventional personal-care products contain an assortment of chemicals, including some that have been linked to health problems ranging from weight gain to cancer risk. While many natural and organic options exist, these can be pricey. Stay healthy—and save money—with homemade body, hair care and beauty products free of chemical preservatives.

Grandma used recipes handed down the through the generations in combination with the many herbs grown in her own garden to make teas, oils, salves and soap.

Today, herbs are added to many skincare formulas to soothe, strengthen and exfoliate different types of skin.

My good friend, Stella Green of Stella Green Botanicals stopped by to drop off an amazing Jasmine tea for me to try. I convinced her to stay for a bit and offer some beauty tips.

 Stella, let’s talk romance for a moment. Let’s say I’m getting ready for a romantic evening with my honey.
 What would you recommend?
Start with using a good scrub in the shower. I have one I developed using Almond oil, Dead Sea salt, and essential oils. This will get rid of dead skin cells to make your skin soft and glow with health. Something you for sure want during a moonlit walk.

Hmmm... I love the smell. Say, I have super dry and sensitive skin. After showering I always have to add lotion. What do you suggest?
One of my favorite products is the gentle Calendula Lotion. The base of this lotion is Calendula flowers infused into olive oil. They are gentle and healing for sensitive skin. Aloe hydrates and lavender pure essential oil gives you a nice scent and adds to the healing qualities. The soft fragrance is very relaxing.

This is perfect for summer! 
Now what about a speical scent for the night?
Use perfume oil. They are made of pure cold pressed jojoba oil blended with essential oils, infused with herbs, spices, plant resins. When you apply a natural perfume oil it works with you to create your own personal scent. Always try a fragrance on before you purchase it. I recommend for a date night, place the fragrance on pulse points.

Yes… pulse points such as behind the ears and cleavage! Some of the best places to be kissed! 

I have her working on a special scent, Legend of the Spirit, to capture the essence of the characters and stories I write. 

Thanks for stopping by today, Stella. I love this tea!!!

You can find Stella at the local Farmers' Market or traveling to various botanical events. Stop by her FACEBOOK PAGE.

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