Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Love Surprises

Little things mean alot. I'm sure you've heard that before... but it's true. Some things such as a smile can brighten one's day. My hubby is a pilot and is gone often so I enjoy hiding things in his suitcase. My mother lives in an apartment and I have fun leaving goodies in her fridge or on her dresser for her to find.

Here's a list of some items for you to leave in often over looked places for your honey or someone special to find.

For your honey:1. Handcuffs.

2. A sexy photo of yourself.

3. A pair of panties scented with a favorite fragrance.

4. Small bottle of massage oil.

5. A key (to your heart).

6. A love poem.

7. A love letter.

8. Love coupons.For someone special:9. A greeting or inspirational card.

10. A photo of the two of you.

11. A small book.

12. Favorite CD.

13 Favorite magazine.

Other items may include Hersey kisses, a teddy bear, jewelry, a list of why that person is special to you, small artwork, and a small bottle of their favorite fragrance.

What other items can you think of?

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