Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thursday 13 - Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Be the light. Be your own hero. Embrace your femininity. Here is a list of a few ideas to unleash your inner goddess.

1. Go skinny dipping after dark. (Keep bug spray handy).
2. Sit in the backroom of a movie theater with your honey and steal a few kisses like a teenager.
3. Sit in the first row of a roller coaster.
4. Go on a long walk in the woods with your honey and stop to make out.
5. Choose a back table in a restaurant and play footsie with your honey.
6. Take a ride on a motorcycle with your honey.
7. Show your honey some seductive moves to distract him while playing a game of pool.
8. Take a carousel ride. It will remind you of more innocent times and encourage playfulness.
9. Go tent camping. What was that noise?
10. Attend an art gallery or museum. Impress others with your knowledge.
11. Order a chocolate martini in a hotel bar.
12. Have a couples' massage.
13. Rent a convertible for the day. Wrap a scarf around your head and put on a pair of large sunglasses much like movie stars back in the day.

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