Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thursday 13 - Tips for Autumn Romance

Fall is a beautiful time of year here in Michigan. I love the incredible palate of colorful trees and shrubbery. Nature’s pure fragrance of leaves and earth as well as the temptations of pumpkin pie, baked apples, and hot mulled cider create a wonderful setting. This time of year is also the time to pull out the winter woolies and time for some old fashion cuddling. It is a time for Autumn Romance.

Here are a few tips to help you leap into romance!

1.       Get football fever. As many of you know, I am a Football Mom to three boys and spend countless hours at their games.  Being at a game snuggled up to my honey under a stadium blanket while sharing hot cocoa helps us capture a bit of romance.  When I look around during the game, I see we are not the only couple using the opportunity.

2.       Plan a special morning. Romance isn’t just for nighttime. Make a special breakfast. Pack it into a picnic basket and eat outside or visit your local cider mill and enjoy some cider and doughnuts.

3.       Enjoy the patio at night. Or build a bonfire for two. Curl up together under a blanket and sip a cup of hot apple cider.

4.       Rake leaves. This is something the whole family can do. Rake a pile of leaves and yes…. Jump in!  It’s not just for kids.  Let your hair down and play!  Laughing is great foreplay.

5.       Hit the trails. Go for a walk holding hands or a nice bike ride. Stop periodically to enjoy the view. 
This is a great way to stay in shape and relieve tension as well as giving you a chance to talk.  However, if you come to a hill… I dare you to roll down it!

6.       Go camping. Try it in your own backyard.  Cook outside on a grill or over a bonfire.  Enjoy the fresh air and each other.

7.       Visit a carnival, county fair or craft show. Wander around holding hands and nibbling on Elephant Ears.

8.       Have a fireside picnic. Slip into something sexy. Pour your favorite wine and play your favorite love songs.

9.       Go on a hayride. Many apple orchards offer hay rides through November. Night time hay rides are very romantic. Enjoy a scenic tour while sitting close to each other and holding hands like a couple of teenagers. 

10.   Visit a local vineyard.  Many offer tours through December. Take advantage of their sampling room and select a bottle to take home.

11.   Take a train ride.  In Michigan we have the Snow Train that runs only during the winter. However, many areas offer special color tours and dinners. Check with your local railroads for more information.

12.   Go apple picking. Whether it’s at an orchard or your own backyard, pick some apples together then head into the kitchen for some fun. Make an apple pie and crack open some whipped cream. Just make sure to leave enough whipped cream to have on the pie! *wink, wink*

13.   Go for a stroll in a park. Take time to let your inner child out. Play hopscotch or push each other on the swings. 

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