Friday, September 22, 2017

Reunited at a Class Reunion

Some class reunions are held during the summer (like my high school) but often they are held during the homecoming event of a school (like my college). In my small town most class reunions are held during Blueberry Festival or during the high school Homecoming.

When it comes to class reunions, there is sweet nostalgia, sharing of memories and some times the rekindling of romance. I'm the reunion secretary for my Class of 1985 Reunion. I've been finding "lost" classmates since 1995. From my end of planning a reunion can be nerve-wracking and the night of the party is a complete relief. However, while talking to classmates prior to reunions I've heard many stories of apprehension and concern in regards to relating one's former self to the present. While attending a college reunion I heard the full power of who was married to whom and who was divorced. Gossip fodder usually included  "Class couples" who broke up before graduation, later married other people, then divorced after a short marriage. Bets were being placed on whether those old flames would strike up again.

Needless to say, the inspiration for Taming Rachel was derived from the many class reunions I've planned and attended. This book is a stand alone story but is part of the 1Night Stand series created by Decadent Publishing. 

I'm curious - have you rekindled with an old flame at a reunion? 
Tell me in the comments below. 

Rachel Willis signed up for a 1Night Stand with hopes of finding something that is missing in her life. Is it a coincidence her date is scheduled during a class reunion? And why did the one person she’s avoided for years have to show up?
Dusty Stiles never recovered from the one that got away. Madame Eve is his last hope to get her back.

Will one night be enough to erase the pain of the past and rekindle the passion they once shared?

Deep in thought and alone, she continued to watch the fountains. The scrape of a chair nearby distracted her. Large, warm hands grasped her shoulders. She jumped but couldn’t turn to see who stood behind her. The sweet melody of citrus with a hint of spice tickled her nose. The signature scent and familiar touch belonged to only one man.
“Hello, Rachel.” A man’s deep voice washed over her as he caressed her nape with his lips.
“Hello, Dusty.” The words came out with a sigh. “It’s been a long time.”
“Too long, babe.” He pulled her back against his broad chest.
“You’re awfully brave to come up to me like this. You startled me, and I could have cracked one of your ribs with my elbow.” She playfully jabbed at him.
“You could never hurt me.” He ran his hands down her arms and pinned her elbows at her sides. “At least not physically.”
“Is that what you think?” She stiffened in his grasp.
“Baby, there are ways you could kill me.” The silken tone still softened her dissent. “You are fucking gorgeous in this dress. I imagine you wearing something like this as a wedding gown.”
Her stomach flipped with excitement at his praise. The strapless white bustier dress bared her shoulders. A tilt of her head gave him easier access to her neck, where he placed soft kisses. He slid his hand under her arm and around her satin-covered torso. He would be pleased at what lay hidden under the layers of lace making up the skirt. Wait a minute. The white stockings and satin thong were meant to impress her date, not him! She tried to pull away, but he held her firm.
“I saw you watching me, and I know that expression in your eyes.” His voice caressed her ear, sending waves of heat through her. “Come with me.”

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