Monday, August 21, 2017

Blueberry Festival 2017

Blueberry Festival was fun like always, just a little different this year. Maybe we are getting older and tire earlier than we used to. Maybe we are simply wiser.

My best gal pal, Kendra, and I worked together serving people wine during the Wine & Craft Beer
Taste Testing event. The organizers had no idea they were giving the Menage a Trois Silk wine to an erotic romance writer to promote. TOO EASY!!!

For several years, Kendra, I and the owner of the local market host the Queen's Breakfast. We serve 30-40 queens from area festivals a blueberry pancake breakfast fit for royalty. Since she was little, Kendra's daughter helped us. This year was her year, she was the Blueberry Queen.

Saturday night we didn't go to the beer tent but counted down the hours to minutes until we could go to bed. But we stayed alert until we knew our eldest sons were safely home. A few years ago, we made the boys stay up into the wee hours to be our designated drivers. This year, the tables turned and we were their DDs.

I managed to spend time with my favorite free spirit, Gypsy. Yes, she's really a gypsy. We've know each other for 15 years but feels like an entire lifetime. She owns every one of my 9 books I've written. We met while I was writing the third book in the Soul Series. She helped me through a writer's block. We have lots of laughs when she tells of her adventures since we last spoke. Her hugs are the best in the world and it's always hard to say good bye. However, she is becoming more stationary and we hope to see more of each other.

Sunday afternoon before exhibitors closed shop, I wandered looking for items to use as prizes and give-a-ways. I found some amazing items and met some wonderful new friends.

I enjoy the Blueberry Festival every year. I've had to slow down with all the volunteer work I've done but it's worth being able to spend more time with old and new friends.

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