Monday, April 4, 2016

Great Gift Ideas - Candles = Romance, Love & Meditation

I love candles. I often use them on my porch or around the bonfire for soft lighting. A candle lit during meditation or while soaking in the bath is soothing and lifts a tired spirit. Candles are a great way to pamper yourself, add a bit of ambiance to a room as well as make a perfect gift.

Attention gals... I'm hosting a PartyLite Party.

Attention writer pals...
there are some awesome items perfect for author contests and give-aways.

Forbidden Fantasy
Indulge your fantasies with provocative fragrances that seduce the senses.

Forbidden Fruits
There is a tempting fragrance for every mood

Forbidden Sensations with Fig Fatale, a sensual massage candle. 
Set a romantic mood with the candle's soft flicker and the rich scent of Fig Fatale. Burn for at least 10min to create a luxurious pool of natural wax, coconut oil and almond oil. Snuff out the candle, then drizzle warm oil onto skin and massage in for a silky sensation. 

For a lighter touch and gift ideas check out the new fragrances and exclusive decor.

Check out the link, shop online!!! 
Just type in Mary Quast as your host.

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