Monday, December 7, 2015

Find Quiet Time as a Couple During Holidays

Work. Shopping. Parties. Travel. Special Events.
During the month of December, there will be many demands on your time. 
Stress levels may rise. At the end of the day, exhaustion sets in. 

Even Santa and Mrs. Claus make time for alone time.

Here a few tips to "keep it together" during the holiday season.

* Try not to schedule to many events right after each other. Give yourself time between each one.
* Take time to sit with your honey and make a list of things you enjoy the most about the holiday. This will not only give you quality time together, but also help keep you in the Christmas spirit.
*Schedule certain things from your list to do together. Yes... write it down! Make a date of it.
*Speak with family members in advance. Schedule family meals, parties and limit gift giving.
*Help each other. Help a friend make cookies. Help a relative wrap gifts. Spending time together and taking care of a "chore" at the same time.
*As a couple make a new family tradition.

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