Sunday, November 22, 2015

It's Been Awhile, Stop for Tea

Like many authors, I have a "day job". Back in June, I left my comfortable "retirement" and took a J...O...B. Balancing time between the new adventure and kids, aging mom, volunteer work, home, yard...etc...became difficult. Needless to say, I still search for the balance.

So many times I've stated "you have to make time"... I'm determined to make time to write, relax and stop to enjoy life.

Hubby travels the world, often bringing me wonderful teas from the countries he visits. Every day I try to time to enjoy one of these delights.

On a recent stop in Anchorage, Alaska dearest hubby found a shop in one of the downtown historical buildings where the quaint meet the cool. There at The Kobuk  he purchased what is now one of my favorite teas. The Samovar Tea is a black tea with a blend of cinnamon, orange, cloves with a hint of lemon. The aroma alone is amazing! (Hubby carried it in a bagged tucked within his travel bag; even his dirty clothing smelled good.)

I've tried it strong and weak, hot and cold...loving it ALL ways! The only way I can describe it is as COZY. Every time I sip a cup, I relax and intimately enjoy the flavors.With a cup of Samovar tea in hand, I sit at the window watching the birds visit the feeding stations. A few simple minutes of peace to restore my soul.

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