Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#TuesdayTeaser from Handcuffs & Silk

“Grow up, Hunter. Drop this damn beta act and be the alpha you were born to be.”

Hunter glared at his brother for a moment. “Seriously, I feel like there‟s something missing. Maybe I‟m looking for something more permanent. Maybe this one-night stand shit is just that... bullshit. I want to be normal, have a normal life.”

“Are you turning vanilla on me?”

“I don‟t know.”

“From the way you‟ve been whining since you arrived in Vegas,” Jason laughed, “I almost think you‟re in a nesting mode.”


“It‟s an old wives‟ term for when a woman is preparing her house for the arrival of a baby.” His voice turned demanding. “I‟m seeing a strong independence as if you‟re trying to take control of your life. Tell me right now what you want.”

“I want to love, be loved. I want to feel secure. I want a yard, a dog, kids. I want to be exceedingly happy. Is that too much to ask?” Hunter sighed. “God, I sound like a pussy.”

“That‟s a pretty big list for Santa to fill.”

“I‟m so done with the club shit and sex games.”

“Okay, so I can understand wanting to leave the clubs and everything.” Jason spoke in a gentler tone.

“Have you ever truly felt pleasure simply by pleasuring another?”

“I was a lousy sub.” Hunter spoke the words locked in his mind for months.

“You can have it all, you know. Go after what you want. Make it happen.” Jason turned on the barstool and faced the door. “By the way, how will you know her when she walks in?”

“I won‟t.” Hunter thumbed the stem of a blood-red rose laying on the bar next to his drink. “Madame Eve just told me to dress all in black and bring this rose. She said Stephanie would be able to pick me out of a crowd.”

“Stephanie.” Jason rolled the name on his tongue. “What do you know about this woman?”

“Not much. I just have to put faith in Madame Eve and her matchmaking skills.”

“Well, we‟ll see.” With that said, he nodded in the direction of the door. “Pick up your rose.”

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