Thursday, August 6, 2015

#Thursday13 - Best Places (on the body) to be Kissed

Okay, I promised I’d post the best places on the body to be kissed.  Unfortunately, dear hubby is out of town so I didn’t get to have the fun of researching this project personally; I had to survey friends.  Thanks to all for your honesty!

1.  Lips
2.   Eyelids
3.  Neck
4.  Inside of the elbow
5.  Inside of the wrist
6.  Palms
7.  Fingertips
8.  Breast
9.  Belly
10.  Inside the hip
11.   Yes… there!
12.   Inside the thigh
13.   Lower back

I think Shoulders is good too.  So maybe a kiss that begins at the nape of the neck and travels across the shoulders and down the back to the little dimple about the butt…(sigh)… should be counted as one kiss.  Hmmm….?

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