Thursday, July 30, 2015

#Thursday13 – Picnics, Picnics, Everywhere

A picnic can be a romantic event.
 I remember one time Dearest Hubby and I took two of our boys (when they were very small) to a beach along Lake Michigan. We packed a yummy picnic including juice boxes for the boys and a bottle of wine for us. We sat back, sipped our wine while holding hands while watching our little ones play.

One summer was very hot and we were limited on time due to a busy schedule. We often held a picnic under a tree in our yard, in the garden (where we often ate fresh picked veggies) or on the deck with hubby grilling.

While traveling we had a long layover at Chicago Midway. We spread a blanket under some potted trees. The youngest took a nap, while hubby & I played a game with another son. Nothing is sexier than a man being a good dad.

It is up to you and your honey, but even with the rug-rats around, it is possible to capture a few romantic moments.
Here is my list of places for a picnic.
1. On the beach
2. In a park
3. In the garden
4. On the deck
5. At the zoo
6. On a riverbank
7. In a city plaza
8. Under the stars
9. At an outdoor concert
10. In a public garden
11. On the porch
12. On a tailgate (maybe even at a sporting event)
13. In a pasture (but be aware: cows are very curious)

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