Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Tasty Treat #Sci-FiRom Excerpt from Just Desserts by Gail Koger

Action, adventure, romance, sci-fi/paranormal and lot’s of steamy lovin’.  
Throw in some humor and you’ve got yourself a great read.
Welcome to Gail Koger’s Coletti Warlord series.  Nothing is hotter than a Coletti Warlord. He’s an alpha male who considers conquering the universe is a piece of cake. He is a master of psychic seduction but finds his match in a spitfire heroine. Gail has a new release that needs to be added to your summer reading!

Messing with a pregnant, hormonal woman is never a good idea.


Kaylee knew being a Coletti Warlord's mate wasn't going to be easy. Not only was Talree downright scary, he had a bossy streak a mile long and collected enemies like most men collected lovers. But while Kaylee's life might not be perfect, Talree truly loved her.

Flash forward nine months to a very pregnant, insanely hormonal and cranky as hell Kaylee. If the pregnancy wasn't enough to drive her crazy, Talree's enemies are tap dancing on her last nerve. The Shani Queen Mother, a psychotic alien with a bone to grind against Talree, decided she wanted the planet Tartum - a barren piece of crap loaded with Ditrum crystals, and part of the Coletti Empire. Her master plan? Kidnap Kaylee and hold her for ransom. If the Overlord refused to give the Queen Mother Tartum, she would feed Kaylee and her son to the Tai-Kok.

She thinks Kaylee will beg for mercy. Boy, is the alien bitch in for a surprise. She's about to meet a woman suffering from hormone overload and a serious lack of chocolate. The only one begging for mercy will be the Queen Mother.

I took a deep breath and gave him my spiel. “Why pick me? There have to be hundreds of females on your worlds pleading for the chance to be your mate.”

Something carnal flared to life in his amber gaze. “I desire only you.”

Well, shit. “Here’s the thing. I don’t desire you. I know it’s a big disappointment, but you’ll get over it.” I jumped as invisible psychic fangs nipped my throat. “Don’t touch me.”

“I will touch you when and where I wish.”

“Like hell.” My body clenched as phantom hands shaped, kneaded, and claimed my breasts with a sensuous urgency.

“Come to me,” Talree commanded in my head.

I took an involuntary step forward as a surge of blistering need hit me. No! This had to be some kind of mental voodoo. There was no way I suddenly craved his touch. Talree had been in my head for weeks, and I had never wanted to lick him all over. Until now. Crap, it had to be the blood exchange he had forced on me when I was tossed into his cell on the Rodan ship. That was when the horrible truth hit me.

If he took me, I would be his forever. “Listen, you’ve made a really big mistake. Being locked up for so long has messed with your head. You’re not my mate.”

Talree’s tone was adamant. “I am your mate.”

“Jeezus. Just because you believe it, doesn’t make it true.” I hissed as mental fingers slid down my stomach and glided between my legs. My pussy clenched as his fingers penetrated me. “Stop it! We’re not even the same species. Our parts won’t fit.”

“They will fit.” He moved toward me, a predator stalking his prey. “Take off your clothes.”

This guy had a one-track mind. “No.”

An implacable resolve filled Talree’s eyes. “You accepted my claim. Does your word mean nothing?”

He had a point but… “I would have said just about anything to keep you from eating me.”

“I will bind you to me.”

“You can try, fang boy.” Those damned ghostly fingers moved deeper inside me, inflaming every nerve ending until my body shook with raw want and all logic fled.

A hot tongue licked my clit. I clenched my fists as lightning arced through me. Another lick, and my knees buckled. Helpless with desire, I hit the floor and rode out a crest of ecstasy so intense, I thought I would die. “God. I’m totally screwed.”

“You will be.” Talree tilted my head up, and his lips covered mine with a passionate desperation. Whoa! Who knew kissing was universal?

Talree’s tongue invaded, tasted, possessed. He began thrusting into my mouth, the rhythm matching the movement deep inside me. I was dimly aware of him unbuttoning my shirt. A part of me was screaming in protest. Another part of me welcomed his invasion, embraced it.


JUST DESSERTS by Gail Koger at Loose Id.

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