Friday, June 26, 2015

The Squirrely Alter Ego of Author Sara Daniel

You may have caught our earlier interview with RomanceAuthor Sara Daniel where she told us a secret. Well, maybe it’s not a secret… she told us she has also written a couple children’s books about squirrels under her alter-ego Sara Shafer. She said that one of the strangest things she ever Googled  was “how many toes do squirrels have?” (18 – 4 toes on the front paws and 5 toes on each back paw in case you’re wondering!)

When the grew, so did their love of peanutbutter cookies.
Early feedings.
Some know that for several years I lived in Northern Michigan and worked for the Department of Natural Resources. 

One spring I brought home three tiny black squirrels for my new hubby and I to raise then release. 

What an experience!!!

 We all have a soft spot for nature and I’m sure you’ll enjoy these little tid-bits. 

The Bravest Squirrel series is an on-going series of stand-alone chapter books, each starring a different squirrel character. These children's books are written at an approximately third grade reading level and are told from the squirrel's point of view. Any Bravest Squirrel book purchased in print through Amazon can then been downloaded free through their "Kindle Matchbook" program.

The Bravest Squirrel Ever
: Scared of thunder, lightning and being "flopped" by the humans, Pippi the squirrel wants to return to her mama's warm, cozy nest. Instead, she and her siblings stumble on a better forbidden human territory. When she becomes trapped inside, Pippi must depend on her wits to survive, proving to herself and the world just how brave a little squirrel can be.

The Bravest Squirrel in the Forest: Max is determined to prove he is the bravest squirrel ever. He devises a plan to rescue his Uncle Louie. Instead, he is locked in cage, sprayed by a skunk, dumped out of a truck, and abandoned with a hungry coyote hot on his trail. Max has to give up being brave and beg others to help him. When he has the chance to save Uncle Louie or risk his life to save a friend, Max discovers just how brave he really is.

The Bravest Squirrel in School: Lana has no interest in being brave, but she would like to be cuddled by a human. She ends up in a school bus full of children with no other squirrel to take care of her. With no one coming to rescue her, Lana needs to stand up for herself against the playground bullies and figure out a way to get back home. If she’s not brave enough to rescue herself, she’ll be stuck in school forever.

The Bravest Squirrel Drives a Race Car: When his baby cousin Zander runs away, Chaz finally has a chance to live his dream of rescuing someone and proving his bravery. But Zander doesn’t want to be rescued, and he certainly doesn’t listen. After crawling into a race car, the little squirrel attempts to try everything the humans do. When the race car spins out of control, Chaz is the only one who can save them. If he’s not brave enough, not only will they crash, he’ll lose Zander forever.

About Sara Shafer: When two squirrels invited themselves to live in her attic, Sara went on a quest to figure out what they were doing. When she knocked on the ceiling and they scratched back, she was hooked. Although her attic is currently squirrel-free, the squirrels outnumber the humans in her neighborhood and could decide to take over at any moment. She watches for signs of invasion as she plots her next story of squirrel bravery. 

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