Friday, June 19, 2015

#FirstLineFriday - Join the Fun

First lines of a book are meant to capture the reader's attention, give a clue to the story or set the stage for the entire novel. 

When we play this game, let's use the first FIVE lines of any chapter. 
It can be from you own work (published or WIP) or a favorite book.

Feel free to post first lines from your favorite book in the comments following this post.

Gazing into the black of night, he took to the heavens, soaring high above the city of lights and over the mayhem of human atrocities and the ugly suffering of reality. Wind flowed over his wings like unconditional love, erasing his burdens. Life could be cold like the rain assaulting his feathers, yet a gentle rain might wash away the dirt, the dust and purify the bad, leaving behind beauty. Therefore, existence may well be beautiful.

The glow of man-made structures reflected off his form.
- taken from Crow Magic

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