Friday, May 22, 2015

Remembering Book Tours

Even though I love the age of eBooks I still enjoy the smell and feel of a new book in my hands.When my first three novels in the Soul Series came out in print, I along with many other authors went on tour. I miss those days. Nothing beats the smell of fresh coffee and new books!

Readings and tours were essential component of promoting books.
 I loved sharing my work. However, I never got over blushing when I read the sexy stuff aloud.

Big events at places such as Barnes and Nobel and literacy festivals
encouraged authors of various genre to meet and inspire not only fans but also each other.

I did a solo tour visiting many towns of my home state, Michigan.
Coffee shops, book stores, libraries, museums!

I was in Bambi's Coffee Shop when the statistics came out announcing that women who read romance books have sex 70% more often than those who don't. 
I sold most of my copies that day to men who purchased them for their wives.

Visiting small town book shops and spending time with the owners 
made me appreciate all the work booksellers do for authors. 

Release Day in the library.
Always give your local library lots of love.

Fans and new writers enjoy discussing writing techniques.

Sometimes an author has to make special appearances at toga parties held in cultural centered cities.

The highlight of my tour was when my mentor, Doug Allyn showed up. 

As I’m writing this, one big question looms: are readings and tours worth it? That is, do people buy books and connect with the author actually happen? Yes, people buy books. On my tour, I believe I sold books to people who normally wouldn’t have bought the book. Does it make up for the expenses? No way. But it is sooooo worth meeting all the wonderful people. Something many don't mention is how while on tour, authors will find inspiration for their own work as well as inspire new writers. This to me is worth more than the dollars collected from a sale.

Special thanks to my first editor and BFF since 1968,
 who edited all my works in high school and college. She also co-wrote a story with me after we visited London way back in the '80's. 

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