Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patty's Treats

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  
 I thought I'd list my favorite St. Patty treats 

1.  Shamrock Cookies.

2. Chocolate-Irish Cream Cheesecake. Get the recipe

3. Irish Black Bun Shamrock Cookies Get the recipe.  

4. Irish Chocolate Ice Cream (You add a cup of Irish whiskey to chocolate ice cream.  Yeah, baby!)

5. Shamrock Milkshake Cupcakes.

6. Black & White Irish Cream Cupcakes.  Get the recipe.  

7. Chocolate Stout Shake.  (Chocolate stout beer + choc. fudge + vanilla bean ice cream + milk = YUMMY!)

8. Toffee-Coffee Brownies.  Get the recipe

9.  St. Patty Cupcakes with green M&Ms

10. Dublin Eggnog.  (Eggnog + double-strength coffee + 6oz of Irish whiskey= wide awake fun)

11. Green beer.  I don't usually drink beer but thought I'd better put it on my list any ways.

12.  Rainbow Cupcakes. This recipe is so cool.  Check it out

13. Toffee Shortbread.  Ah... buttery shortbread, a layer of toffee with chocolate topping.  Sigh.  A favorite sweet among families in Ireland.  Get the recipe

If you've been paying attention, you'll notice McDonald's shamrock shake is not on my list.  I'm trying to watch my calorie intake. Wait a gosh darn minute... I've already had two.  Oops. My bad... so spank me.

I'll leave you with this thought... what better way to burn calories than to get all hot over a sexy Irishman!  Here ya go! 

Who is your favorite Irishman?

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Mimi Cates is an artist who lives over the coffee shop she owns. Content with her life, she won't allow herself to become to close with her sexy, wanderlust neighbor, despite what her heart tells her.

Irishman, Robbie Mac Donnell never wanted to stay in one place very long. His job as a scientist allowed him to travel the world without ever making permanent ties to anyone. However, when he finds the perfect person and the perfect place to settle down, he's not sure if she'll believe him.
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