Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fun & Romantic Winter Activities

Valentine's Day is a just around the corner and in this part of the world we are under a blanket of snow. The good thing is that the holiday falls on a Saturday which opens opportunity for a variety of ideas to celebrate. 

1. Play in the snow.  Ski, snowboard, have a snowball fight or simply go for a walk.

2. Dinner and a movie. Remember when you started dating and you actually went out? Relive those memories and visit a resturant and theater you did back then. Looking for something new? Check your local listings, many theaters may offer special "dining experiences". 

3. Ice skating.  A playful activity and a chance to be silly.  Enjoy warming up in a local coffee shop afterwards.

4. Dinner by the fire.  Make a meal together. Spread a blanket in front of the fireplace and enjoy your meal "picnic style".

5. Go for a drive.  Pick a destination such as a little restaurant or a bed and breakfast.

6. Pick up some romantic comedies and curl up together for a movie marathon of love. Have fingerfoods handy or order take out. Everytime the characters in the film kiss, you & your honey kiss as well. 

7.  Play a board game or put together a puzzle.    Keep it romantic by adding wine, candles and music.  If you want to spice things up, purchase a sexy board game to play. 

8.  Have an indoor picnic.  Use blankets, pillows, picnic ware and favorite finger foods.

9. Take a bath together.  Stop at your local bath and body shop to pick up bubble bath or bath salts and some spa items.

10. Light some candles or add a bit of lavender to a room humidfier (check manufacture directios first). Give each other sensual massages. Use a store bought massage oil or make your own buy blending olive oil or coconut oil with a few drops of an essential oil. Try a massage candle, they melt at low heat to form an oil. 

11.  Go on a moonlight snowshoe tour.  Check with your local ski resort to see if they offer this romantic event.

12.  Have a soup night.  Go shopping together in the day for the ingredients and have fun making the soup together. While it's simmering, make a loaf of French bread. Add some wine with the meal.  Don't turn on the TV but simply enjoy each other.

13. If you live in the North Atlantic Coast...enjoy a snow day.  Spend the day in bed.

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