Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tempting Tuesday - That Ain't Your Momma's Nightie

There comes a stage in every relationship when things just start to get a little too comfortable and you find yourself starting to reason that it's okay to wear your favorite old worn out pajamas to bed.  The tempting, sexy items you own have been pushed to the back of the closet.

Well, if you are about one night's sleep away from pulling out that frumpy, granny nightgown 
you swore you'd never wear... 


There are lots of sleepwear options out there that are as equally sexy as they are comfy!

I don't mean you have to pack away those sexy little lace or leather outfits for good.  Heavens to Betsy... don't do that!  However, the sleepwear you choose to wear on a nightly basis doesn't have to come out of your mother's closet!  (No offense, Mom.)

You don't have to tolerate the binding thong or itchy lace bodice that squeezes the girls to tight. 

You can find sleep wear from sensuous silk and satin to cozy cotton and even flannel at Victoria's Secret and Lover's Lane.  Silky chemises and sexy camisoles worn with drawstring PJ pants or shorts can be found in many stores.

Soft fabrics that feel good against your skin will make you feel relaxed, comfortable and still sexy. . 

Imagine wearing something simple around the kids or house guests, and yet the being beautiful you.

Some guys get really turned on when his woman wears his shirt to bed.

 Don't start dressing like your mom. Be your sexy, lovely self and wear something comfy and youthful to bed. Your honey might occasionally settle for cuddling in front of the TV rather than jumping your bones 7 nights a week...well...maybe.

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