Friday, September 26, 2014

Fitness Friday - Tips from Tyler McPeak

This 6'3" hottie is featured on many fitness magazine covers. 
I think Tyler McPeak would look rather nice on a romance novel.  
What do you think?

 Tyler McPeak is a Personal Trainer in Nashville whose passion is living the fitness lifestyle.  In his early days of training and modeling he developed an eating disorder. A happier, healthier man formed when he formed a connection between mind and body. He went from eating unhealthy food any time he wanted to highly nutritious meals several times a day. He set goals for himself and dedicated himself 100%.

Today, Tyler is a healthy, happy (and hot) guy who found a balance between mind and body.

The fitness lifestyle to me is not just about working out, 
it’s also being in overall great health and enjoying life the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.”

 It makes me physically and mentally feel better. Breeds self confidence and that breeds success!

Losing weight and getting into better shape is hard and creating healthy habits need to be worked into your every day routine. Tyler suggests setting realistic goals. Make a plan but also realize your goal won’t happen overnight. To live a healthy, fitness lifestyle means being consistent and dedicated. This determination is driven by the desire to change. Being healthy is important but if you want to change your body physically, you have to be willing to put in the work. However, don’t push yourself into depression or sickness. Learn to listen to your body and simply slow down when it tells you to slow down, rather than quitting.  Never underestimate the power of rest and recovery. Professional athletes treat their rest time just as important as their work outs. Always remember to embrace each day as a day bringing you closer to your final goal.

Tyler’s Tips:
1. Focus on proper nutrition
2. Perfect your form and master the mind/muscle connection
3. Be Patient!

Be sure to check out Tyler McPeak's website 
for more advice.

He created the site to help make positive change on other peoples lives and to share some of his personal experiences along with tips and tricks on becoming healthier and fit. 

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