Friday, August 15, 2014

The Magic of the Medicine Man

Seth Crowe in Crow Magic is a Shawnee Shaman or medicine man. He was selected as a young boy to being his training and when he hit puberty, it became apparent he was a crow shfter. He trained hard every day like a Navy SEAL would. The theory was that one had to have control over not only one’s mind, but be in the most excellent physical condition, if he were to be able to connect with the spiritual realm.  Both mind and body could hold the spirit back, thus the emphasis on training.But once the boy had a master over his mind, as well as his body, he was ready to develop the other side his nature, the spiritual side. 

Medicine men were often very handsome when they were young.  Imagine, they have been trained all their life into physical alertness, they have trained to act in the best interest of their tribe, they have schooled their mind so that they us their skills only for the good of the people, and not evil, and they kept their word of honor as though their life might depend upon it.    Ritual was highly important, because a ceremony done incorrectly was believed to bring bad luck.   A medicine man was also expected to do such things as set broken bones, take care of sprains or pulled muscles and he was expected to be able to attend to deep wounds.  This they did without flinching. 

Medicine men often became solitary, spending time in meditation, connecting with the earth. Mainting a balance with nature and the spirit world is a constant battle.

Seth, finds himself falling into a black hole. If he isn't rescued soon, he won't be able to return.

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