Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Meet Hawke of Hawk's Honor, 3rd book in the Legend of the Spirit series


Corporal Jamie Hawke
Native American Chippewa from Michigan
Hawk shifter

 His nature makes him observant, cunning, and decisive, with a mind that can plot strategy and a heart that makes him very protective of those he cares for.

He was a marine in a Special Ops Unit nicknamed the Spirit Walkers, that included shifters. He was well liked, respected by his comrades. He taught others to be observant, to pay attention to what is often overlooked. He would find the positive in every situation which he often used to maintain the mood of his unit and push them. (This bright outlook faded after his injury.) He was critically wounded helping his team accomplish their last assignment. He was shot while in hawk form, bullets sliced through the muscles of his back and shoulder. 

 Deeply but very secretly, in love with his female commanding officer, St. Sgt. Andrea “Andy” Nelson. he hid his affection well  since it would go against not only military policy but also his own personal beliefs. He never got involved with other women because it went against his principles and kept his heart (and body) pure. He maintains a deep sense of honor for her, his teammates and his country. To him…honor is everything.

 His avoidance of relationships with women gives him a sense of innocence despite being war torn veteran. His eyes are dark and sharp; face is angular like a warrior. During deployment he wore his hair clipped short but after leaving the service prefers to wear it in a long braid adding to his youthful appearance. His stature is not large and dominating but rather average with a hard body, giving him the ability to move silently and shift to a hawk at will in less than a blink of an eye. 

 Leaving the military with a permanent disfigurement, he was too proud to return to his family farm in Michigan. Without a place to go, he's been bunking in Traverse City with Carson Bradley from his unit. The worst part is the pain when he shifts, but he's grateful he can still fly.  His buddy suggested online dating to get him out of a funk. Hawke won’t do it, he still pines for his commander but Bradley is really good at convincing people to do things.

Read his story in HAWK'S HONOR ... my current work in progress.
in the meantime....
Get ready for the release of EAGLE DANCE coming July 18

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Virginia Sanchez said...

why are you a dam lie?!! Using a person's photo without permission!!! I know this man in this picture and you should be ashamed of using his picture and making a profit without his knowledge!!