Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday 13 - Valentine Ideas

Trying new things together brings back the feelings of excitement and the thrill that you felt when you first fell in love. So for this Valentine's Day, do something new and adventurous together. Use Valentine's Day as a marker for starting to incorporate novel experiences into your schedule. Each of you can brainstorm a list of new places you'd like to see or things you'd like to try together. Make a goal to try one new activity each month or weekend, depending on what your schedule allows.

1.      Take a confectionary class. If you can convince your honey to attend it will be twice as fun.

2.      Gaze at artwork while nibbling on chocolate and listening to jazz music. Many art galleries hold special Valentine events with a special sweet reception and live local music. Check to see if your local art museum is hosting an event.

3.      Find out if your local history museum has an exhibition on historical wedding attire. Displays of this kind often feature not only gowns but also undergarments, traditions, and cakes.

4.      If you live in a warm climate (or feeling adventurous in the north) go for a night time stroll.

5.      Sign up for salsa or swing dance lessons.  Many studios will host a fun dance party. Or... a night night dancing in your own living room can be very romantic.

6.      Dinner and the theater. Many historic theaters offer an evening beginning with champagne, dessert buffets, flowers and candy all in a candlelit lobby. Then sit back and enjoy a show or performance.

7.      Go ice skating. Local ice rinks may open to offer specials for the holiday. Outdoor rinks are fun and you can enjoy a break in a warming house with some hot cocoa. Skiing and snowboarding can be fun too!

8.      Have a cheap night in. Cuddle up with your loved one as you watch the classic "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and the passionate "Moulin Rouge." Best movie double feature ever.

9.      Simply relax. If you have crazy busy schedules then perhaps a night of doing absolutely nothing is in order. It’s nice to just snuggle.

10.  Go to a spa or create a do-it-yourself spa in your home. Take a bath together, use oils and give each other a massage.

11.  Make each other cards or write each other love letters. Create handmade coupons with gifts your partner can use anytime and insert into the card for your honey.  Don’t limit cards to each other… make cards or write letters to others who are important in your life. It’s a nice time to let others know how much you appreciate them.

12.  Host a Valentine’s Day Party. Blow up balloons with prizes (such as chocolate kisses) in them. Add paper hearts around the room for people to write “secret messages” on.

13.  Of course, my favorite involves cooking up some romance in the kitchen. Choose a fun or favorite dish to prepare together. Drink wine and have some strawberries with whipped cream handy while you heat up some fun. Don’t forget something chocolate for dessert!

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Mia Celeste said...

Good ideas! Here's mine.
I want to read a sizzling romance to celebrate Valentine's Day. Then, I hope for a nice dinner with my hubby. :)

Sandy Kessler said...

all great I got a car with lottos in it and a grocery car both so special

Norma said...

Great ideas. I'm munching some dark chocolate hearts as I read your blog! My TT is up--this week on black history month.

gel said...

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU TRIED TO COMMENT BEFORE, NO "SIGNING IN IS NECESSARY ANYMORE.' I'm sorry, it was a default setting(another commenter told me about it.) and I fixed it.

I like the simply relax and many others. i can smell what you're cooking. I'm cooking up something special, too.