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Welcome Cover Model John Quinlan

Most of the time, I’m curled up in my favorite chair reading when I should be writing. Like any fan, I enjoy interviewing the authors who write the words that create the stories inside the pages of romance novels, but what about the outside and those scintillating book covers?

We all know that beautiful packaging can really help to sell what's inside, and I think that most romance readers (even if they won't admit it) have been guilty of drooling over those decadent covers every once in a while.
That's why I'm very excited to have as my special guest today, romance cover model John Quinlan!

John Quinlan
2013 – The World’s Most Tattooed Cover Model
Mary: I'm the type of girl who likes to know something about the man behind the handsome face and buff body, so let's start with giving me five to ten words that best describe your personality.
John: Humble, emotional, driven, respectful, fighter

John was named a featured model
for Duemila Magazine in Italy.
Mary: I see that you have modeled for a variety of formats and venues. How did you get into modeling for romance covers?
John: Many people kept telling me over and over again I had the look for it. After quite some time I gave in and went for it and here I am talking with you as the most tattooed male romance cover model in the world.

Mary: With authors creating tattooed heroes I bet you are in demand. How many book covers have you graced?
John: A bunch and there are dozens of cover images that have been purchased by authors globally that have yet to be released so all is good and I am so very grateful for all the love & support.

Mary: Of all the covers you’ve adorned, do you have a favorite?
John: To be honest no book cover is better than the other as they are all unique. What I can say is that I am honored when any author believes in me to grace his/her cover.

Mary: Have you ever read any of the books you've appeared on?
 John: No Mary, I don’t read any of the books I have appeared on as I personally feel it is bad luck if I do….just my personal thought.

Mary: Oh, trust me… I know all about superstitions! I’m a football mom after all but we’ll save that topic for another day.
Is there one photo shoot that stands out as having been particularly fun or memorable, and is it also the one with which you were most pleased with the end result?
Chain Break by Claudia McKinney
Phatpuppy Creations
John: Yes, the cover art piece done of me by Claudia McKinney of Phatpuppy Art. This piece was called ‘Chain Break’ and it is one of the greatest pieces ever done of me. I am coming out of the water with all the lightning. Just amazing! It is currently also still available for purchase.

Mary: I love the more artistic images such as that one. I think The Wanderer is my fav. I love Claudia's work. Stories start to pop into my head.
The Wanderer
 by Claudia McKinney
Phatpuppy Creations.



I've seen a number of romance novels that have the irresistible combination of hot guys and adorable kids or cute animals on the cover. I know you are dad to three super cute children, so have you ever worked with kids or animals in your photo shoots?

John: Thanks Mary, you are an amazing mother yourself by the way.
Honestly, I try and keep my children away from the modeling and covers ideally.
I like them to just be kids and not be broadcast all over the globe in that sense.
Just my personal opinion. 

Mary: I understand. Part of me would like to see you in a cowboy hat holding a lab puppy with a big red bow.  Hmmm….

What is the best way for authors, publishers and cover designers to see your work and contact you about purchasing stock photos? How can fans find out when you will be appearing on a new cover?
John: I think between these links anybody can keep up with everything John Quinlan:


Mary: If you could be magically transported inside the pages of a romance novel for a day, what type of romance hero would you like to be?
John: The bad guy looking with the heart of gold which is the real me.

Mary: For many romance readers, you have become the embodiment of the perfect romantic hero. If you were to write the perfect romantic heroine, what would she be like?
John: She would be my perfect other half. She would complete me in every way and even though it would take some time, even many years, in the end she would be mine.

*Fans self*

Thanks, John.

I think we'll stop here to take a little break. Readers will have to join us tomorrow for some more of the interview.

 I have a craving for some cheesecake and strawberries.

Special thanks to Claudia McKinney from Phatpuppy Creations
for providing permission to use her images in this interview.

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