Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Teaser - Body Hopping by Iris Astres

Iris Astres writes smoking hot erotic sci-fi.   I made the mistake of reading Body Hopping while at the doctor’s office.  This little story is packed with WOWZA!  I started fanning myself the lady next to me mumbled something about hot flashes and ‘the change’. If only she knew the real reason for my hot flash. I highly recommend this read…but I suggest you read it in a private setting.

The story takes place at The Body House, an alien brothel inhabited by male prostitutes from the planet Backus. Backusians love their work and women love Backusians.  Check out Iris Astres book, The Body House.

BLURB: Becky’s on a journey to a better life after a bad divorce: A little yoga, a few days at a spa, the usual routine. Before the party’s over, her friends suggest she try some sexual ecstasy at The Body House. The handsome aliens from Backus who work there have been known to make a girl feel pretty good.

Heartache and betrayal have left Becky skeptical about the benefits of sex, but if the best way to get over a man is to get under one, then why not get under a few? She orders up three men in just as many hours, thinking of an evening much like bar hopping, with bodies in the place of bars.

In theory it sounds like a lot of fun. In practice it will be much better than imagined.

If you enjoy this appetizing short,
I suggest you pick up the full course.

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Iris Astres said...

Thanks, Mary. That was a super fun review. (And an important cautionary tale :))

Happy reading!