Monday, October 14, 2013

Welcome to 1 Night Stand

1Night Stand (1NS) is name of an exclusive online dating service owned by Madame Evangeline “Eve” has no employees. She runs the business entirely alone. Madame Eve is a cultured and educated Frenchwoman, but she isn’t cliché.

1 Night Stand is a high-end, very expensive matching service.  Madame Eve does not advertise her services. All business is done through referrals of satisfied customers. Madame Eve does an extensive background check on all of her clients before she matches them up. Every match she makes is completely safe for all parties involved. Madame Eve seems to be a bit magical...a number of clients have questioned if she has some supernatural ability to find perfect matches. It is obvious her goal is long-term love/relationships/happiness for her clients, not just a one night hookup.

Madame typically uses Castillo Resorts and Hotels for her client's rendezvous while in Vegas. There are several Castillo hotels and resorts around the world (and beyond!). All of the hotels are very high-end luxury. However, since this is an internet business, the encounters can take place anywhere including the past, present or future.

Castillo Resorts and Hotels are owned by Jackson Castillo and family. Jackson's parents emigrated from Cuba prior to the Cuban revolution.

Aside from direct verbal contact with Jackson and Jagger Castillo, owners of the resorts where most of the one-night stands take place, Madame Eve is never seen or heard. All correspondence with Eve is done via email, text messages or fax.


Are you ready for a 1 Night Stand?


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Teri Riggs said...

Thanks for explaining some of the history behind Madame Eve, and how the 1NS became a line for Decadent Publishing. I love the stories I've read so far.