Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday - Queen of Hearts

I know this is the week of Halloween and the book I'm giving you a sneak peek from is actually a Valentine Story, but... the characters are at a costume party.  The theme is Alice in Wonderland.  The characters, dressed as Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter, have been best pals lusting after each other.
The story was inspired by this photo in a Lover's Lane Costume Edition Catalog.
Jenny turned to see what had caught her friend's eyes and saw Josh stepping with bold confidence into the penthouse looking around.  He moved with the elegance of a showman, slow and fluid.  Their eyes locked  the moment he spotted her.

With a wink, he struck a pose leaving her breathless.  Playing with her, he wanted her to look at him.  A red ribbon wrapped around his black top hat, resting at an angle over his right eye.  His brows arched, daring her to continue the inspection but she paused a the slight smirk of his lips.  As if he knew her focus, he blew her a kiss.  Heat spread through her body and pooled between her legs.

His tuxedo coat accented his broad shoulders.  Only Josh could pull off the sapphire blue bow tie which lay crooked at the base of his throat.  The blue matched his eyes.  The lapel opened to reveal a red vest, and black shirt.

Buttoned, the fitted garment gave him a commanding appearance.  Standing with his feet wide apart, black tails of his coat hung behind legs clad in black.  High polished black shoes added to the imposing stature. He wore fingerless red and black gloves with one hand resting on a carved rabbit head on his white cane.  His other hand fisted yet resting at his hip with determination.

Lifting her eyes back to his face, Josh's eyes bore into her soul with need and desire.  His jaw was taunt, until his lips slowly slide into a sexy smile.

"Two can play at this game." With a turn of her waist, she posed.
Queen of Hearts blurb :
Jenny has secretly lusted for her sexy next door neighbor for years but won't cross that invisible line dividing friendship and romance even if it is Valentine's Day.

Josh is done with his provocative life and ready to settle down. With a few tricks up his sleeve and the Valentine's Day costume party, he takes a chance on seducing his best girl pal.
Will the Queen of Hearts allow herself to be seduced by Madd Hatter's kiss and offer of more?                

Queen of Heart is available on Smashwords.

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