Friday, October 18, 2013

Fetish Friday - Handcuffs & Silk

She kissed him as she unlocked the cuffs holding his wrists to the headboard. “Roll over.”

Without a word, he did as she commanded. She’d retrieved his set of ankle cuffs and interlaced them through the cuffs at his wrists.

Hog-tied and at her mercy.

“Hunter.” Her breath caressed his ear as she whispered, “I’ve put the key to the cuffs in a glass of ice. Once the ice melts, you can set yourself free. If you free yourself within an hour, you can perform any sex act on me you wish. If you can’t break yourself free, I expect you to perform any sex act I wish. Until then, you are my prisoner and will do as I say.”

This excerpt is from the 1 Night Stand story 
Handcuffs & Silk.


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