Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Teaser - LIttle White Lies by Stevie MacFarlane

Little White Lies blurb -

Maggie O'Malley Cassidy has a problem. Well, actually several problems. She's a widow, raising three children and trying to make ends meet. Well, if the ends didn’t exactly meet, at least they got close enough to wave to each other.  She has the unfortunate habit of skirting the truth now and then, not really a problem unless she got caught, but still a very tiny character flaw that she planned to work on just as soon as she got a free minute. But by far, her biggest problem was Nicholas Kord who has just found out that her oldest son, Jason, is also his only son. I mean really, who would have thought he'd show up after fifteen years and go all paternal on a child he hadn't even known existed. What were the odds of that coming back to bite her in the ass?
Nicholas Kord has his life on-track; he is an accomplished attorney, and considered his trip home to be Best Man at his brother's wedding a long-overdue opportunity to reconnect with family and have a good time as well. He is still single and in all honesty, the man oozes sex appeal.
Nick was crazy about Maggie, always had been and always would be. When he saw his son for the very first time, he knew exactly who Jason belonged to and what Maggie had done. He was furious at first, but came to realize that a good portion of the blame fell on him. If he hadn't been so stubborn years ago, things might have turned out differently, but Nick is also a realist. The past cannot be relived; it's the present and future that matter. He still loves Maggie and he means to have her, one way or another, and he intends to cure her of her bad habits along the way. As far as he's concerned, Maggie had gotten her way for far too long, and it hadn't served her well. Her children, one of whom belongs to him, need a father and whether she knows it or not, she needs a husband who will provide guidance and love; he can be all that and more. Nick has no problem applying a firm hand or taking a wooden spoon to Maggie's adorable butt when she misbehaves, which seems to be quite frequently. Who would have thought one knock on her door would change everything forever?


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