Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday - Eagle Dance

Today's Sneak Peek is from my current Work In Progress (WIP). Eagle Dance is the second book in my Native American Shifter series I'm writing for Decadent Publishing 1 Night Stand. Crow Magic is the first. This story takes place in the same cabin on Cherry Lane in the Poconos Mountains Resort, but a different season.

Please enjoy the first six paragraphs of Eagle Dance.
Dyami Schafer - Eagle Dance
~This is a draft so keep in mind it is not edited.~
Snow fell in frilly ice crystals, decorating the sleeve of his dark brown Carhartt jacket.  A pair landed on the hard material, molded together forming a larger, beautiful design.
No two flakes are the same, but yet they manage to find a mate. He released a sigh and pushed away negative vibes teasing the edge of his mind. Straightening his back, he stretched stiff muscles. Everything in nature happens for a reason.

Several months ago over a few beers he confided in a friend who listened while he celebrated his own pity party. Reaching his limit and fed up of women staring at him with fear or disgust, he needed to vent. His large size and dark Native American features didn’t help him find dates in the past and unfortunately his nesting instinct kicked in recently. He wanted a good woman who would accept and love him for the rest of his life.   His buddy told him about the elite dating service, 1 Night Stand, where one night often led to a love match.  His spirit nurtured the seed of hope planted in his thoughts and persuaded him to fill out the paperwork for a blind date.

Months of waiting, he saw a hawk fly overhead while he drank his morning coffee. His people considered hawks to be messengers so he checked his emails and discovered a message from Madame Eve. After a day of working, he drove almost 700 miles and spent the night in a cheap hotel along Interstate 80 so he’d arrive at his destination with vim and vigor. During the trip he fought poor weather and spent hours talking to himself to stay focused. Surely the lonely journey would not have been made in vain.
 He clasped the totem pendant he wore around his neck and closed his eyes. The small eagle mounted on an arrowhead represented his linage. The rough edges dug into his palm yet gave him comfort. In his culture some legends are true; there are those who are blessed to be born with a totem animal or a spirit guide. His family is considered blessed by the Great Spirit with not only a spirit animal who resides within one’s soul but also the gift of shifting from man to that of his animal.
Drawing from the strength of his ancestors, he prayed he made the right decision. The spirit of the eagle fluttered against his heart telling him to continue his journey. Countless moments make a lifetime and a chain of them brought him to the place he needed to be.  Madame Eve found a woman who would accept his secret and dance with him. With confidence he climbed the steps to the main building of the Castillo Poconos Resort.

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