Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Humpday Hottie - Devin from Dark Soul

Today is my middle son's 13th birthday and I honor him by featuring the image of a character he created. I often let my boys name characters in my books but in one book, Dark Soul, they managed to be in. My son, Devin, wanted his character "Devin" to be funny and dramatically theatrical so he choose Dero Goi from the band Oomph to be my visual.
Devin - drummer, vocals for Dark Cloud
Unfortunately, Dark Soul is only a work in progress at the moment.
the 4th book in the Soul Series.
          The reclusive leader of the band, Dark Cloud, is as mystifying and foreboding as his lyrics.  Trev Dillinger fights depression and refuses to sleep because of a reoccurring dream of a blonde woman with green eyes he’s had since childhood.  Even though his closest friends and band mates, Devin, Nick, and Nathan accept his strange behavior, the dreams turn to nightmares and he suffers a mental break down during a concert in Chicago.  Once he recovers, he hides behind his work but is continuously drawn back to the windy city.
            Kat Lewis is a leading illustrator in the world of fantasy.  Kat’s art has always been her escape from the dreams that torment her at night.  For years, she believed the dark man haunting her since childhood was her husband.  But after his accidental death, the dreams continued and became nightmares.
A strange event brings Kat and Trev together.  Kat is intimidated by Trev’s provocateur reputation but is drawn into his world and they learn of the shared dreams; wondering if they were soul mates in another life.  Not understanding what the visions mean, they turn to the matriarchs of their families who happen to be holding a dark secret from the past
With the help of friends and family, Trev and Kat travel to England to find answers and hopefully solve a murder that may or may not have happened.  Only then will they truly have peace and recognize the love forming between them as real.
The REAL Trevor, Devin & Nathan.


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