Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday - Crow Magic

His mission of spying on the woman Madame Eve matched for him changed into an all-morning event. The minute Lucy walked out of the cottage he’d sensed her spirit calling to him and begging release. It was apparent as soon as she stepped off the porch to follow the crow that she would make a transformation easily. Her innocence brought out his protective streak, yet he wanted to teach her everything and take her to heights of passion. His pride swelled that he’d been the chosen one for the task.

Of all the people he’d met and the women he experienced intimately, she hypnotized him with her words. He lusted after not only her beauty but her soul, with the hesitant demeanor and even her wild hair separating her from all others. Beautiful organic shades of red and orange were revealed as the locks danced in the wind. Never had he seen hair like that before. So alive!

Her pale skin altered his opinion of the color white. He’d always considered the pallid shade boring. Her skin was that of an angel, light as the beach sand, smooth as milk and honey. He recognized the presence of the Water Spirit and noticed a calming of her aura. Her invitation to sit with her on the beach delighted him. He’d smelled magic in the blood he drew on her wrist. Her lovely eyes focused his attention on the eagerness of her soul yearning to be set free, stirring a longing obscured under personal responsibilities. His crow begged to claim her. Could it be possible she possessed a spirit animal akin to his own?

Because of her keen response to the bird, he predicted her reaction to the man would be more fervent. His cock grew hard, his palms itched to touch the milky skin and he hungered to taste her.

“You have been a mouse too long.” He whispered to the wind, “It is time to let the fiery angel fly. Trust me. Believe in me. I will show you how to soar.”

The crow within demanded to possess her. Mine.

Taken from Crow Magic
Available from Amazon and Decadent Publishing
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