Saturday, April 20, 2013

Crow Magic - Sensual Saturday Teaser


Mountains climbed from the edges of the lake reaching for the cloudless sky. Envisioning she was the first human to witness such beauty, she listened to the whispering pines, lapping waves, and songs of the living earth. No boats graced the water, no calling children played, only pure nature. Clean air filled her lungs with every purifying breath. Dropping her robe to take in the rays of sunlight, she journeyed to the beach. Enchanted, she extended her arms and waded into the water in expectation of a baptism by nature.

She imagined the spirits of the natural world calling out to her and instructing to let go of the loneliness. A simple task of emotional spring cleaning so room could be made for the physical intimacy she craved. Standing with the water surrounding her legs, an eerie power seeped into her pores. Tingling pulses in rhythm with the waves traveled through her cells.

Looking at her own reflection in the water, she watched a grin find its way from her heart to her lips.
A shadow circled above, still carrying her earring. In a bold move, she flexed her fingers in invitation for him to land on her arm. Tucking his head, he arched his wings and flapped in short, quick strokes, accepting her unspoken summons. He landed on her wrist and dug his feet into her skin. A drop of blood beaded under a claw. Shifting his weight, he gazed into her eyes. Held in the ebony pools, her soul reached out to his. A longing to soar on the waves of the wind made her arms ache. Her vision grew hazy. The image of an ancient warrior with copper skin, strong brow and chiseled features, flashed in her mind then disappeared.
He dipped his head and broke the gaze then flexed his toes, apparently uneasy about the wound on her wrist. Lucy blinked.

“It doesn’t hurt.” She gave him a small smile.

After a gentle game of tug-o-war and an unsuccessful attempt to retrieve her earring from his beak, she tapped her fingers on his back to distract his attention in hopes that he’d drop it.

But content with his position on her arm, he held the earring tight. With her arm extended slightly, she left the water and sat on the warm sand of the beach. She tucked one foot under her while keeping one knee raised to rest her arm and support his weight.

Gazing upon him with wonder as he sat at ease, she slid her palm leisurely over his back and stroked his lustrous feathers. The heat of the animal greeted her skin and a low, throaty sound drifted to her ears.

“You are so beautiful; I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything or anyone so perfect.” A sudden, strong yearning to fly and soar on the winds of passion possessed her. In the daydream, strong hands touched her, drawing out her feminine cravings. Erotic visions of lying under a dark warrior flamed her desire to life. She imagined charcoal eyes and a masculine face framed by wild strands of black hair.

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