Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Humpday Help - "What's a Bodice Ripper?"


Being a writer in the romance genre, I hear the term "Bodice Ripper" occasionally. Today's writers don't care for the term too much and are quick to correct the person who uses the phrase.
"Bodice Ripper" is considered a derogatory term for all romances. It was inspired by some early historical romances that featured rape fantasies or included rape as part of the plot. This term is used most often by people who do not read romance books.

Today's romance is sensitive to the needs and emotions of women. Rape is not part of today's storylines! Romance writers focus on the emotion and sensuality between characters; providing the reader a chance to escape from every day life into a variety of plots and a world of passion.

Erotic romance sometimes referred to as "romantica", is a story at the more erotic end of the romance spectrum. These adventures will include intense details of sexual liaisons that may happen frequently between the main characters and are vital to the plot. These stories are usually very sensual and emotional as a strong relationship develops between the characters.
Take a break this Humpday and check out an erotic romance. If you hear somebody call it "a bodice ripper" tell them to read one... they'll be hooked! Passion is such a wonderful word and so much, much more.
I think we all would like to have this sort of passion in our lives... but we certainly don't want our bodices ripped! We prefer them to be slowly undone with tender kisses and soft caresses.

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