Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Dog Maggie

March 13 is not only St. Patrick's Day but also the anniversary of when I adopted my dog Maggie.

 Shortly after my lab, Ruby was killed in a freak accident; I knew I had a heart full of love to give to another dog. So I went onto and looked for a new lab. I came across Maggie's picture. She was called Rhonda at the time and because she wasn't spayed, I passed on her. However, a week later I came across her photo again, this time she was spayed so after a short discussion with hubby, we made an appointment to see her.
Actual photo from

We drove a couple hours to where her rescue center was located.  We met several potential dogs before "Rhonda" was brought out.  They were lovely dogs, but I was too anxious to meet the one who caught my eye. 

When "Rhonda" came out, she trotted directly to me, sat on my feet and began licking my hand.  I knew we were meant to be together.

About a year and a half old, she had been dumped with her five puppies in December.  A farmer named Ron found her eating rotten corn in his field to stay alive for her babies during the bitter Michigan winter.  He took her and the pups to the rescue center.  The pups were weaned and mama got her health back.

She jumped into our truck without hesitation as if to say, "Let's go home."

We named her Maggie on the way home.  (Yes, the Rod Stewart song, Maggie May was playing.)  She's been an amazing member of our family.
First photo of Maggie in her new home.

My middle son even wrote and published about book about her when he was in 2nd grade. 
Feel free to check it out. 

It's available for purchase.
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Please consider adopting a rescue pet.

Visit or you local animal rescues and shelters.

Adopt or be a foster parent to a shelter animal.

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