Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - Freaky Facts about Animals & Sex

I think my mind is still in Halloween mode... thinking of bizare and creepy things.  But..... 
This stuff is just plain weird!

1. Erect giraffe penises are four feet long.

2. To have sex with donkeys, Mongol men would often tie their hind legs together.

3. Average sexual intercourse between minks lasts eight hours.

4. Middle Eastern cave paintings reveal that men used to have sex with female crocodiles because they believed that it would make them rich and important

5. A dragonfly's penis has a shovel on the end that scoops out a rival male's semen

6. The Inca enacted laws to prevent llama drivers from having sex with their animals and enforced the laws be requiring that the llama drivers be escorted by chaperones.

7. Upon losing battles, apes will tend to masturbate.

8. Male boars excite females by breathing on their faces. (They have smelly breath.)

9. In the animal kingdom, chimpanzees hold the record for the fastest quickies. Sexual intercourse can last as little as three seconds.

10. Most giraffes are bisexual.

11. Billy goats urinate on their own heads to smell more attractive to females.

12. The average gorilla weighing 200 pounds has a penis that is two inches long.

13. When turning to sex with animals, Marquesan men are more likely to have sex with chickens.

My question is....
“How do researchers come up with this stuff?”


Lady Rose said...

that has to be the funniest thurs 13 list I've come across lol

happy tt

JO said...

exactly what I have in mind... how do they come up with these facts?

Mine's up! Happy T13.

Charity said...

I didn't know any of this but I can add one for you....a pig's orgasm lasts about a half hour.

Great list!

Ron. said...

I guess if, like a giraffe, I had a four foot long penis, I'd pretty much wanna share it with whoever showed any interest, too.

Dilo Keith said...

Regarding #5, I read that the human penis head has its shape for the same reason. Great list.