Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

Favorite American Hard Ciders by Bon Appétit
I'm not one to drint hard cider but living in Michigan I proudly purchase and consume Michigan products.  To see Michigan featured in something as simple as Hard Cider in Bon Appetit magazine is very exciting! 
 Way to go Michigan!  Whoot-whoot!The Sweetheart Label

A proud tradition of cider-making exists just about anywhere apples grow--Argentina, Austria, England, France, Spain--and until now, the best bottles rarely traveled. That was true in the States, too, as residents of Michigan, Vermont, or Oregon will tell you.

Hard cider has a long history in America, where it's made in various styles, from sweet to dry and still to sparkling. From colonial days onward, hard cider was sipped by almost everyone, including children: Easily made and inexpensive, it was considered cleaner than drinking water. Then Prohibition came along and all but wiped out production and consumption.

Bon Appetit tasted 50 domestic hard ciders.
These four bottles--all sparkling and dry--rose to the top.

Z. Orchards / $13
Made with nine apple varieties for beautifully balanced flavor. 2010 Cidre, Oregon

Bellwether / $14
A bona fide thirst-quencher from a blend of heirloom Tompkins King and Baldwin apples. King Baldwin, New York

Tandem Ciders / $11
Refreshing, with hints of citrus.  Perfect cider for those in love... with cider at least. A favorite of chef Mario Batali, part-time Michigander. The Sweetheart, Michigan.  A unique stop on the Leelanau wine trail, Tandem Ciders specializes in artisanal hard ciders.

Farnum Hill / $13
The orchard's more esoteric batches are bottled under this label. Dooryard, New Hampshire

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Anonymous said...

The first time my Mom visited England, she had hard cider. She was telling my grandparents and my grandfather was somewhat horrified. Seems back in his day, it was quite unladylike to drink the hard stuff. LOL I love it, also had Pear Cider and that is yummy!