Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

1. Pot o' Gold

2. Rainbow

3. Leprechauns

4. Shamrocks. This stems from a more bona fide Irish tale that tells how Patrick used the three-leafed shamrock to explain the Trinity.

5. Wearin' of the green.

6. For over 40 years, the city of Chicago has dyed the Chicago River green. The city uses a vegetable dye that starts off orange but with some Leprechaun magic, it turns green in time for St. Patty's Day.

7. A pint of beer. According to, there are 800 registered Irish pubs in Ireland, 1500 in the U.S., 300 in Canada, 80 in Australia and even 15 in the Middle East.

8. Parades. New York City saw its first St. Patty's parade in 1762, when a group of Irish-born soldiers staged an impromptu march with their regimental band.

9. The feast.The traditional Irish meal of bacon and cabbage has evolved into today's corned beef and cabbage in the U.S.

10. School children pinching classmates who don't wear green on St. Patrick's Day


Read an excerpt from Love Me Knot.

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A. Catherine Noon said...

How fun! I love the idea of pinching non-green peeps. The guy on the bus was a little startled, though... ~snerk~