Monday, February 21, 2011

Excerpt Monday - Tormented Soul

Erick McAlister is known as London’s Most Dangerous Bachelor; he enjoys scotch,
women, and spending time in the London underground club, The Skunk’s Den. He’s never had a real relationship; women only want him for one thing- he desires more.

When the one he vowed he would never toy with, Lynn Westmore, gives him an unexpected
proposition, his life takes an enjoyable turn. Just as he is beginning to find happiness, tabloids headline him, a woman from his past announces she’s expecting his child, someone is trying to kill him, and he finds himself questioning his relationship with the young courier he’s hired to teach him to ride his new motorcycle. Even though his life is in torment, he begins to believe in love, something he never thought he’d feel.

Unfortunately, Lynn doesn’t think Erick could ever be faithful to one woman, let alone be in love with her, so when she finds herself in love with him she runs. Erick falls into a spiral of depression, and it takes his brother and closest friends to bring him to his senses. When he finds out a magazine has rated him as the World’s Most Dangerous Bachelor, he agrees to do the interview only if Lynn is the photographer and he uses the opportunity to let Lynn know how he feels; he offers his heart to her one more time...

In this scene, Lynn and Elizabeth (Erick's sister) are having a "girl talk".

“I’ve wondered what it would be like to be loved by him. But he doesn’t
know a thing about love. As experienced as he is in sex, I’m afraid he may be lost
when it comes to the compromises, the give and take involved in relationships.
He’s been alone for so long I think he has become set in his ways. I doubt he could
remain faithful to one woman. He even says that he always gets what he wants,
and when he tires of a woman he walks away. I’m not sure if he knows about

“Sacrifice?” Elizabeth’s voice cracked. “What kind of sacrifice do you think
he made to help Andrew? Take one look at his relationship with his best friend.
That should tell you if he’s capable of being more than what his reputation states.
There’s a very lonely Erick crying for help in that arrogant body of his. Can’t you
see it?”

Lynn looked at her friend and saw tears in her eyes. Elizabeth loved her
brothers and had formed a special bond with Erick after her arrival in England. It
appeared Erick was even more complex than she thought.

“Elizabeth, I could easily fall in love with him.” Lynn couldn’t believe the
words came out of her mouth so easily.

“So why don’t you?”

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