Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Date Night Ideas

Juggling jobs, kids, after-school activities, and more, it is hard to find time together as a couple. Setting aside one night a week as a Date Night helps relieve stress and keep the flame burning. If you don't have a honey to share with, grab your best pal!

Consider not leaving the Date to just nights, include any free time during the day or weekend.

Here are a few ideas.

Ideas for staying home.
1. Give each other a massage.

2. Cook a meal together.

3. Have breakfast in bed.

4. Have a movie marathon.

Ideas for going out.
5. Go out for dinner.

6. Skip dinner and just do dessert. Try sharing a huge banana split!

7. Visit a local bookstore or hobby shop.

8. Stop in your favorite coffee shop.

9. Bowling.

10. Take a walk at midnight and go stargazing.

11. Take a winery or brewery tour.

12. Balloon rides.

13. Attend a festival together.


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Kimberly Menozzi said...

Some great ideas there - especially the staying home stuff. :)

I like anything which doesn't require spending a lot of money - or in #6's case, anything which involves dessert. ;)

Happy TT!

Paige Tyler said...

Love all of those!


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Alice Audrey said...

A balloon ride sounds good. Maybe not til it warms up a bit, though.

Anonymous said...

I love this list! My husband and I go out every other Friday in the afternoon to eat lunch and watch a movie without the kids. But I'm taking notes from your list. :)

kandyblossom said...

Great list! All great ideas.

Most of mine and hubby's dates happen throughout the day while the kids are at school...out to breakfast is a favorie... or at home after they are in bed...a fun game of scrabble or cribbage is often on our agenda.

Heather said...

Excellent date suggestions, Mary!

Shelley Munro said...

Great ideas. Hubby and I go for a walk after dinner most nights. It's always nice chatting about our days.

Savannah Chase said...

Those are so nice...There is a lot of ways to make the night fun and interesting.

Jennifer Leeland said...

Mmmm I don't know about that one. LOL!

Darla M Sands said...

I keep meaning to go on a hot air balloon ride with my mate. Inspiring list! Thank you.

Mercy said...

Sweet list, happy T13!

Bratty said...

We are pretty low key. #7 would about do it for us. we don't agree on most other items enough to spend time together doing them! Doh!

Xakara said...

#6 and #7 are favorites. Does Wii bowling count? *wink*

Lovely list!

Happy TT,

The Clockwork Courtesan